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Hartley Kitchen Collection

Welcome to the Hartley Kitchen Collection – a curated showcase of our finest kitchen designs, where elegance meets functionality in every piece. Each kitchen in our collection is more than just a space; it’s a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship, design, and quality. Our range is diverse, encompassing everything from classic charm to modern minimalism, ensuring there’s a style to suit every taste and home. Explore our Kitchen Collection today and take the first step towards owning a kitchen that’s as unique as you are. 

Modern design of a large gray kitchen.

Zola Soft Matte Cashmere and White

Zola Soft Matte Indigo

Zola Soft-Matte Porcelain and Rezana Weathered Silver

Zola Soft-Matte Indigo and White

Zola Soft-Matte Graphite and Light Grey

Zola Soft-Matte Light Grey

Zola Soft-Matte Dust Grey

Zola Soft-Matte Dust Grey and Tavola Hacienda Black

Zola Soft-Matte White


Zola Matte Slate Blue

Belgravia Deep Forest

Belgravia Porcelain and Slate Blue

Clifden Heritage Green and Porcelain

Clifden Heritage Green

Clifden Marine and Light Grey

Clifden Vintage Pink and Light Grey

Dawson Graphite

Dawson Indigo

Dawson Light Grey

Ellesmere Dust Grey

Ellesmere Heritage Green

Harborne Graphite

Winslow Taupe Grey and Willow

Zola Matte Marine and Ferro Brass

Zola Gloss Ivory

Zola Gloss White and Tavola Parched Oak

Zola Gloss White and Light Grey

Zola Gloss Dust Grey and Tavola Carbon

Zola Gloss Porcelain and Graphite

Zola Matte Marine and Ferro Copper with Rezana Light Oak


Zola Gloss Light Grey

Zola Matte CMS Orange Dust Grey and Graphite
Milano Sand Grey Halifax Oak and Dust Grey
Strada Gloss Light Grey
Rimini Black Mustang Blunt
Milano Plus Indigo Matt
Roma Taupe
Milano White Levanto Marble and Onyx Grey
Milano Grey Vincenza Oak and Stone Grey
Harborne Light Grey
Kensington Cashmere
Kensington Heritage Green
Kensington Light Grey
Rimini Marmo Patagonia Blunt and Verona Cashmere Metaldeco
Milano Plus Black Pietra Grigia Gloss and Chilli Red Gloss
Melrose Superior Matt Denim
Melrose Superior Matt Marine and Superior Matt Light Grey
Melrose Fjord
Milano Natural Nebraska Oak and Milano Plus Indigo Matt
Wakefield Cardamom and Light Oak
Wakefield Ivory Stone and Lava
Wakefield Lava
Wakefield Light Oak and Stone
Wakefield Marine
Wakefield Mussel and Dust Grey
Wakefield Parisian Blue and Mussel
Wakefield Porcelain and Pantry Blue
Winslow Pantry Blue and Porcelain
Winslow Parisian Blue
Tavola Hacienda Black and Zola Soft Matte Light Grey
Tavola Parched Oak and Zola Matte Graphite
Torino Black
Torino Black
Torino Dust Grey and Frost White
Torino Reed Green
Torino Reed Green
Verona Azul Indigo
Verona Azul Indigo
Verona Gris Plomo
Verona Gris Plomo
Verona Porcelain 01 Gold and 03 Silver
Verona Steel Board Aluminio
Verona Steel Board Aluminio
Strada Matte Dust Grey Light Grey and Graphite
Strada Matte Graphite
Strada Matte Lava and Tavola Carbon Oak
Strada Matte Light Grey
Strada Matte Marine
Strada Matte Mussel
Strada Matte Porcelain and Tavola Light Oak
Strada Matte Slate Blue and Rezana Espresso
Strada Matte White and Graphite
Florence Slate Blue
Florence Viridian and Graphite
Georgia Deep Forest
Georgia Light Grey and Dust Grey
Georgia Marine
Georgia Pantry Blue
Dawson Graphite
Dawson Indigo
Dawson Light Grey
Dawson Porcelain and Cashmere
Ellesmere Slate Blue and Light Grey
Ferro Oxidized Copper and Rezana Espresso Oak
Florence Dust Grey and Porcelain
Florence Graphite and Light Grey
Florence Light Grey
Aldana Heritage Green
Aldana Light Grey
Aldana Marine and Stone
Aldana Porcelain and Cashmere
Aldana Porcelain
Aldana Viridian
Arrington Shell and Slate Blue
Belgravia Deep Forest
Belgravia Parisian Blue and Stone
Clifden Marine and Light Grey
Strada Matte Deep Forest
Madison Marine and Light Teal
Madison Mussel and Sage Green
Madison Porcelain and Marine
Madison Vintage Pink and Slate Blue
Rezana Carbon and Ferro Iron
Strada Gloss Cashmere
Strada Gloss Dust Grey and Light Grey
Strada Gloss Graphite and Porcelain
Strada Matte Marine
Strada Gloss Porcelain

2023 -2024 Brochure NOW AVAILABLE!

2023 -2024 Brochure NOW AVAILABLE!